Social Sustainability Podcast

This podcast is a series on social sustainability issues. The first episode is an introduction to social sustainability, exploring how social issues play a role in sustainability and how they connect to environmental issues. The rest of my podcasts are focused on specific topics like sexuality, gender, mental illnesses, and more. Each episode will include around three or four interviews from people that have first hand experience with these issues.


Get ready for some tea and a chat! Every Thursday the SustainabliTEA podcast focuses on a sustainable project while we drink some delicious healthy tea


Tanner Glaze

Podcast Host & Curator

Tanner is a Psychology major at the College of Charleston. Tanner originally started at the Office of Sustainability as a Partnership Intern with Lowcountry Street Grocery, a mobile farmers’ market that brings fresh local produce to communities in need. Tanner is currently working on a new project with the office’s Media & Marketing Team creating social sustainability podcasts. Social sustainability is her passion. The intersect between environment and social issues is important, but often forgotten. Social issues are an important part of sustainability, and Tanner hopes to bring awareness this aspect of sustainability.