Finding Sustainability on Spring Break: Breakfast at Puerto Rico’s First Food Hub

For the past five years, Besosa has been working to create an accessible food hub in her local community. El Departamento de la Comida, or the Department of Food, is Puerto Rico’s first sustainable food hub. El Departamento distributes local and organic produce with the goals of promoting health, conservation, and community. It also serves as a restaurant, cooking up all of the amazing produce sold in El Departamento’s storefront.

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EcoReps Gather for Fourth Annual Conference

The Southeastern EcoReps Conference was recently held for the fourth time at the University of South Carolina (USC).

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Business Spotlight: The Charleston Green Business Challenge

With the Green Business Challenge, the city of Charleston has found an exciting way to entice businesses into creating more sustainable environments for themselves and the community.

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Creating Change with Music

Music at a local and global level can do more than just entertain a society. Music can increase the significance of people, places, and causes.

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Social Sustainability: Learning from Communities

Sustainability is a systematic science, a study of different moving parts. It includes three complex and interrelated subsets, environmental, economic, and social.

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A Good Catch for Charleston Consumers: Sustainable Seafood in our Backyard

Good Catch is the South Carolina Aquarium’s sustainable seafood program. Formerly known as the Sustainable Seafood Initiative, Good Catch has since rebranded itself but continues to promote seafood awareness throughout the Charleston regional area and beyond.

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Discarded Space

Over the past few years, I have focused on documenting some of the lesser known areas of Charleston - or maybe just the ones that aren’t placed in the spotlight each time the city is named a top vacation destination.

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Good Mourning, America

This spoken word poem was written amid the public uprisings against police brutality towards minorities.

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Talking Dirty: Excerpts from the Real Compost Diaries

Anyone can compost, anywhere, anytime. These are two stories from College of Charleston students composting for the first time. They attempt to breakdown the barriers and misconceptions associated with composting.

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Poisoning Yourself: The Truth about Personal Care Products

Many of us check the ingredients list on our food labels to see what we are putting in our bodies. We are aware of the dangers of high fructose corn syrup and other additives, so we avoid it in the foods we choose. What about the ingredients we cannot pronounce on the backs of our shampoo bottles and lotions?

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(Re)Defining Homelessness

I want to discuss the ways in which we “think to know” people experiencing homelessness. I want to explore the associations and preconceived notions that surface when we hear the term “homeless,” “hobo,” or “bum.”

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